CSA Guinea Pig Share

If you like to have your opinion heard and love fresh local food this might just be your dream come true! 


We have spent a lot of time developing our CSA program and are finally ready for a trial run. 


As a Guinea pig member  you will recieve a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly membership at  a huge discount in exchange for providing feedback so we can make changes as the season goes on based on your input. This will allow us to work out any kinks  and perfect the program with a small group of members before launching. 


For the purposes of this trial we will only be offering a fullsized share.


So what is included in a share?

* 7-10 varieties of veggies and herbs per box.

* Unique varieties of staple foods and new things to explore.

* Recipes and resources to make cooking fun and effiecent for your schedule.

* Access to online community with member only activities and sales.

* 1-2 Customizable selections each box.

*  5-10% discount on add on products from our farm. ( 10% on produce, 5% on retail meat)

* Weekly newsletter to keep you up to date and help you fall in love with fresh eating.

*  Appointment based access to our farm, Come out for a bit and see first hand our animals and gardens.

* Early access to new products and restocks.

* 20 week season starting the begining of May. ( This is our starting point but we are shooting for 22 weeks )


These trial shares will only be available for pick up to make collecting feedback better! Pick ups available on farm or at any of our farmers market locations ( on market day for that location)


What are we growing this year?

- Artichoke

- Beets

- Broccoli 

- Brussel sprouts

- Cabbage

- Carrots

- Cauliflower

- Celery

- Corn 

- Cucumber

- Eggplant

- Garlic

- Green beans

- Herbs

- Horseradish

- Kale

- Kohlrabi

- Lettuces

- Melons

- Okra

- Onions

- Peas

- Peppers( sweet,bell and hot ranging from no heat to way too spicy)

- Potatoes

- Raddicchio

- Radish

- Squash

- Strawberries

- Swiss chard

- Tomatillo

- Tomato ( large and small, standard and rare varieties)

- Turnip

- Zuchinni

* May not be a complete list. 


If you have any questions about our trial membership please email or call us!



CSA Guinea Pig Share

Price Options
One-time purchase
monthly payments
$75.00monthly/ 5 months
weekly payment
$18.75weekly/ 24 weeks