• Blake

When life gives you pig(let)s

We have been on baby watch for a couple nights now for our Hereford gilt Sarah. Patiently (or not so much in my case) waiting for those adorable little red and white piglets.

While feeding this morning we found piglets...

You may notice, while they are adorable, those are in fact not red and white. We noticed too.

Turns out one of the commercial hogs I bought a few months back intended for butcher was pregnant. Huge palm to face moment this morning, seeing as how the last two commies as we (kind of) affectionately call them are scheduled to go to the butcher Monday. As in this coming Monday, a whole two days away. Surprise!

Life happens, mistakes happen. They obviously didn't know she was pregnant or she would have cost substantially more, I obviously didn't know she was pregnant or I wouldn't have made the purchase.

Regardless of plans we now have a litter of surprise pink piglets. And we are still waiting on Sarah's litter to arrive, hopefully tonight.

Commie 2 had 7 piglets ( 5 girls, 2 boys). One of the boys