Raising natural birds in a rural area can be difficult due to predator pressure but we figured it out. 

Our meat birds are raised using moving

"tractors". These structures allow the birds to live their lives naturally and keeps them safe from the many animals that find them tasty. 

Our chicken tractors have open air sides and get moved daily so the birds have fresh access to grass, dirt and bugs. Along with this all you can eat buffet of nature our birds also have free choice access to mash feed. Our mash is custom mixed for our farm and features many minerals and vitamins as well as brewers grains, and many vegetables with absolutely no antibiotics, hormones or steroids. We hand mix this feed with H2O daily to ensure our birds stay well hydrated even on the hottest of days.

All our meat birds are harvested and processed by hand on our farm then frozen to preserve freshness.

The result is decadent chicken with a beautiful table presentation ready for your family dinners

Processed Chickens .jpg