Frequently asked questions

Where can I find your products?

Typically we will attend farmers markets every week during market season. For the 2020 market season we are only offering on farm pick ups or delivery. Contact us to get a pickup or delivery scheduled.

How can I pay for my order?

We except cash, check, and card. We also are happy to barter for services or products that help our farm grow.

Do you have meat year round?

Usually the answer to this question is simply YES. However with the challanges 2020 has brought, this is not always the case. Being a small family run farm ( and just starting out) we are only able to grow and raise so much each year. Demand is much higher this year than in the past and we are working to grow our opperation to accomidate the demand. For the next 12 months we have multiple butcher dates booked however as of right now getting more dates within this time frame with our butchers is not easy this has limited the availability of our retail meat. We do still have openings on some of our butcher dates! Contact us with your needs and we will do our best to make it happen.

How much meat will I get?

The answer to this question can vary greatly based onthe type of animal you orderd, breed, age and size of animal at butcher time, what it has been fed, and cuts chosen. We like this sheet put together by penn state that explains a bit what to expect.

What flavor brats or sausage can I get?

Just ask us for a current list! our butcher shops costantly try new flavors so thier lists are ever evolving. We keep in contact with our butchers year round to stay up to date with what they are offering. It is always a good idea to have a priotiry list of flavors in case they are out of stock on the seasoning for any on your list.