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1st Generation Family Farm

What started as a goal to provide clean food for our family grew into a small operation stewarding 40 acres of beautiful fertile ground. We Strive to balance the simpler ways of life with modern efficiency and management. Growing and raising natural, healthy and delicious small scale specialty crops and meats for our consumption and yours.

We believe that heritage breeds hold the key to being economical and sustainable while creating delicious table fare. We feed healthy rations and prioritize natural habits for all our livestock. Aiming to provide each animal with the best life possible for the time they are with us.




We chose the Hereford hog breed after experiencing a few other breed and not falling head over heels until we met our first boar, Boogger. 

 Being among the heritage breeds and listed by the livestock conservancy in recovering status this breed has everything we wanted and more than we had hoped for. 

 A great temperament, wonderful personalities, fantastic growth rates and confirmation as well as being Delicious table fare and having well portioned cuts Hereford hogs were an easy decision. 


Our laying flock

On our farm we love to watch the chickens and the antics they are known for, We keep a mixed breed flock of hens( plus a few roosters)for the purpose of laying. Usually around 40-50 head we chose these birds based on their egg color and personalities. 


Our meat birds

Raised from chicks to butcher on our farm our meat birds are pasture raised and have limited access to custom formulated Non-GMO rations.  Butchered by hand on our farm you can pick up on butcher day for fresh never frozen meat or order anytime for frozen chicken. 



We grow a large variety of Certified Naturally Grown produce available at farmers markets and through our CSA program.

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